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torsdag, februar 14, 2008

Tell me where you're going... i will follow you

Back on the highway
Down on the road
You wanna tell me
- girl, I gotta go alone
You wanna go alone?
I'll take the chance
I want to go with you

You've heard the wind blow
heard it before
This time it's different
Packed and headed for the door
You gotta find a way
I'll take the chance
and help you find a way

In your eyes
the shadow and the light
In your heart
I want to go, I want to go with you

Tell me where you're going
I am going too
Tell me where you're going
I will go with you

Where are we going
What's down the road
Where's the wind blowing
Will we ever really know
We gotta find a way
We'll take a chance
and we will find a way

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At 4:46 p.m., Blogger elisabeth said...

yndlingssangen min:)
good choice!


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